Kwahiyo?-So What?
Exploring states of being
Life Goes On
A painting exihibition by Lute Mwakisopile
The Last time I saw
THE LAST TIME I SAW… is open daily from 10-17.00 in Oysterbay on the corner of Msasani and Arafat (Hill Road)
In Wonderland
28 April, Jan Van Esch and Ebony Verbond's 'In Wonderland' will open at Alliance Francaise. Their work will invite you to venture into new and fantastical realities -- you don't want to miss it!
Jana na Leo
Lute Mwakisopile's exhibition 'Life Goes On' at Oasis Cafe will be up until 27 April. We hope you will stop by to see his colorful mixed media works that center on city life in Dar es Salaam. Lute will be followed by an exhibition of Mohamed Jafry, curated by Nafasi artist Gadi Ramadhani. The exhibition, titled 'Jana na Leo' will be up til 11 May.
Meet the Artist
30 April, a special edition Chap Chap with CEFA, which will involve more than 100 musicians, dancers, acrobats, clowns, and visual artists with whom CEFA has been working. Their portraits will be exhibited in an installation called 'Dreams and Selfies'. The event starts at 17.00 and is free and open to the public. For more information, you can email




We are a Contemporary Visual and Performing Art Space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with 60 member artists working in 32 studios. We organize exhibitions, film nights, public art events and performance evenings for the public. Nafasi Art Space gets its main support from the European union, Hivos, CKU and other devotees.