Wikiendi Live
A unique and vibrant live music event dedicated to traditional African beats and fusion, hosted at Nafasi Art Space every last Saturday of the month together with CHAP CHAP events
La vie est BELLE
Filmu film presents La Vie est BELLE
Chap Chap Silhouette
This Chap Chap, come and help create large-scale wall installations in Nafasi exhibition hall through the art of sillouette. The more of you who come, the bigger the installation
Artist's Hangout @ Nafasi
Chatanda particpated in a 5 week residency at ZK/U, Berlin as part of the Urban Narratives/Simulizi Mijini project. He will talk about all experiences as a visitor, an artist and being part of a wider project with other residents from all over the world. Should be very interesting! Karibuni sana!




We are a Contemporary Visual and Performing Art Space in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with 60 member artists working in 32 studios. We organize exhibitions, film nights, public art events and performance evenings for the public. Nafasi Art Space gets its main support from the European union, Hivos, CKU and other devotees.