Call for Artists in Residence

Nafasi currently has the capacity to offer up to 6 residencies per annum (funded & semi-funded). We consider self-funded residency applications on a rolling basis.


Nafasi Art Space is a centre for contemporary visual and performing arts based in Mikocheni B, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where multi-disciplinary artists work, create, learn, and perform. It is a member organisation made up of individual artists as well as other arts organisations, together forming a vibrant community of artists, designers, musicians, dancers and technicians.

Nafasi Art Space is set in extensive open grounds hosting 32 indoor and outdoor studios. We regularly programme exhibitions, training sessions, workshops, talks and wider public engagement events for all those interested in art and culture. An important element of our offer is the residency exchange programme, which offers visiting artists the opportunity to exchange, grow, and devote time to their artistic practice within a dynamic and vibrant environment within a close-knit and welcoming community of artists.

Background to residencies at Nafasi Art Space

Nafasi Art Space has been participating in artist exchange programmes since 2011 with the intention of encouraging artist-to-artist dialogues, developing necessary skills for the art sector and widening exposure to contemporary art practice. From April 2012 to December 2016 Nafasi’s residency programme has hosted 31 artists from more than 10 countries.

Through regional and international partnerships, Nafasi has been able to offer:

  • A 3-week residency programme for East African based artists. This programme was created for young and/or early-career artists.
  • A 2-month international residency programme. This has typically suited established artists with multiple residency experiences and the skills to deliver workshops.

Opportunities and Benefits offered by a residency at Nafasi Art Space

• A multidisciplinary space that allows for interdisciplinary modes of practice in collaboration with individual and organisational artist members.

o Individual artist members consist of painters, printmakers, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers and illustrators

o Organisational members consist of a visual art library, contemporary dance school, music agency, and a weaving project

  • Set in extensive grounds so there is the space and scope to do large scale sculptures and installations
  • Good links with other local organisations to do community engagement work
  • Easy connections to historic sites in Bagamoyo and Zanzibar
  • A young contemporary art scene so we welcome those who would like to deliver technical and theoretical workshops around new ideas and concepts
  • Nafasi supports the organisation of an open studio or exhibition for the visiting artist, giving them an opportunity to present their work to the public and invited media, gaining visibility within Dar es Salaam and throughout the region.

AIR ‘spec’ for Nafasi Art Space

  • The residency programme at Nafasi is an exchange programme. Therefore the incoming AIR will be expected to fully interact and possibly collaborate with artist members. Artists who work in an isolated manner haven’t done so well and due to the size of Nafasi’s grounds, tend to get a bit ‘lost in the space’.
  • Nafasi is a truly multidisciplinary space so we welcome artists from the performing as well as visual arts.
  • Open to artists from all backgrounds and disciplines 

Costs Involved

  • Currently Nafasi is in receipt of funding from CKU and so is able to offer fully funded residencies for 3 East African visual and performing artists until September 2017. This can be for a 3-week period.

    We also can support artists on semi-funded or self-funded residencies (2-4/year), depending on availability of space and funding. The costs are as follows:


East Africa Artists (Fully funded 3-4 weeks)

East Africa Artists (semi-funded, 2-6 weeks)

International Artists (self-funded, 1-3 months)

Studio costs

Materials Budget

Provided by Nafasi

Provided by Nafasi up to $245

Provided by Nafasi


At artist’s own cost

$70/week or $280/month


At artist’s own cost

Self-catering accommodation in Nafasi Guesthouse (rent and utilities covered by Nafasi)

Provided by Nafasi


Provided by Nafasi

$150/week or $600/month

Daily cost for food/travel etc.

Provided by Nafasi (up to $280, $9/day approx.)

at Artist’s own cost

at Artist’s own cost

Transportation (flight/road)

Provided by Nafasi (up to $180)

at Artist’s own cost

at Artist’s own cost


at Artist’s own cost

at Artist’s own cost

at Artist’s own cost


None needed within East Africa

None needed within East Africa

at Artist’s own cost ($50- 150)

How To Apply

Application should include:

•       Motivation letter explaining why you would like to come to Nafasi Art Space

•       Artist statement and CV

•       Portfolio overview: Max 10 images of your work, not bigger than 1 MB per image

Selection will be made by a jury and selected artists will be contacted with detailed information on the residency including practical information on visa, health insurance requirements and any other documentation required.

Please email us at to submit your application or with any additional questions.