Jarret James Erasmus

jarret potrait

In October 15th till December 2012, Jarrett came from South Africa, he worked and trained other artists at Nafasi. His silent and intuitive approach gave another vibe to Nafasi community. At the end of his residency he exhibited his work with  a powerful message, creative touch on fabric “Material Things”.


He initially studied Graphic Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology straight after high school in 2003 because he was convinced that the design world was my career destination, but later learned that he was no designer even though I had the skill he did not enjoy the industry.
He later went on to do my Bachelor of the Fine Arts degree from 2007 to 2010 at Rhodes University where he started to explore and express his interests in drawing and painting by pushing his skills through experimentation of different mediums but still within the same disciplines.

jarrett 2012 1 jarret 3 jarret 2      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
One of my core rules as an artist is to never stop playing, always experimenting and to not be scared to try new things despite what the results may be, whether you love or hate the outcome. Mistakes can, in most cases, be the best lessons we learn in life—Jarrett James Erasmus


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